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Our Story...

It's a pretty simple one...We've known each other all of our lives. As brothers often do!
The Ginistry began when we found a rusting Citroen HY Van and thought it would be easy to transform it into a fully roadworthy Gin and Tonic bar. It turns out that you need mechanical and engineering skills (who knew!) that we didn't have so we brought in the professionals to assist.
Suddenly Mathis (yep, we've named him!) stopped being the rusty old Parisian Delicatessen van and a little Superstar was born. The three of us, alongside a few helpers,  began touring the country, selling Gin drinks for a living.
In 2019 The Ginistry found it's permenant home at 90 Station Road East , Oxted. We have worked tirelessly to create an intimate and quirky environment where the star of the show is GIN.... lots of Gin!  Our menu is ever growing and our back bar stocks some of the world's finest Gins.
Mathis is still on the road providing the G&T's to the masses. 
Our passion for Gin is forever growing and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and a G&T or Two with you.
- Andrew & David (Gin Lover's/Gin Tasters/Co-Directors) 

Meet the A-Team...


Main Roles:

Pilot for Mathis, Gin Portion Control, Head Cashier.

Favourite Gin & Tonic:

Silent Pool, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, Cucumber & Mint

Best Location where Gin Consumed:

Overlooking the hustle and bustle of Times Square, New York from a rooftop bar.

Too Much Gin makes Me:



Main Roles:

Co-Pilot for Mathis, Parking Assistant, Garnish Prep Manager.

Favourite Gin Drink:

Brockmans, Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry Tonic with Raspberries.

Best Ever Location where Gin Consumed:

Watching the sun set at Sunset Pier, Key West in Florida. Listening to an American guy sing Wonderwall.

Too much Gin makes Me:



Main Roles:

Head of Logistics, Model for Photographs.

Favourite Gin Drink:

Doesn't Care for Gin, Prefers Unleaded (and plenty of it!).

Best Ever Location where Gin Consumed:

Wherever we sell the most so we're lighter on the way home.

Too much Gin makes Me:

Annoying to clean.